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ZAZH – Zentrum Altertumswissenschaften Zürich


Herbstsemester 2021

Foto Tamrazyan

Dr. Arusyak Tamrazyan ist die zweite ZAZH-Stipendiatin. Sie wird im Herbstsemester 2021 in Zürich an ihrem Projekt zu „From creation to creativity: the transmission and transformation of Late Antique images in early Armenian literature“ arbeiten.





I had the opportunity to work for four months on my research at ZAZH ̶ Zentrum Altertumswissenschaften Zürich (Zurich Center for the Study of the Ancient World), and at the same time to be under the supervision of my research advisor, Prof. Dr. Jörg Frey, whose affiliation with the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zürich, enabled me to have the needed resources and human support for my work. I am also very appreciative to Anna Seres for her constant help at the Faculty.



Arusyak Tamrazyan studied musicology (2003) and organ performance (2005) at the Komitas State Conservatory in Yerevan, gave organ recitals, published essays on aesthetics and philosophy (2003-2008), and a volume of fairy-tales (2009), emanating from her experience as an art teacher in a special program for children.

Since 2005 she works at the Matenadaran: Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, where she is a Senior Researcher in two departments (Department of Art and Scribal Centers, Department of Armenian Medieval Philology and Literature). In 2016 she defended her doctoral dissertation, „The Perception of Music in Medieval Armenian Interpretative Tradition“. She has authored a series of articles specializing in Neoplatonic aesthetics, focusing on the Armenian mediaeval theory of art, the symbolism and theory of music, and more recently on the Armenian mediaeval exegetical and symbolic tradition (currently working on a critical text of Nersēs of Lambron’s [d. 1198] Commentary on the Psalms). Her study „The metamorphosis of the theory of the human constitution in the Armenian mediaeval exegetical tradition“ was published in 2013. In the last several years her research has been focused on Gregory of Narek’s (d. 1003) works, his systematic use of symbols, especially in the odes; and the neumes of medieval Armenian hymnal manuscripts, preparing a critical/comparative edition of the canticles. Her study „Commentary on ‘Who is This (Job 38:2-39:30)’ Ascribed to Gregory of Narek“ was published in 2019 (including the restoration of the text, and other commentaries on these chapters of Job’s book).


Work at ZAZH

„From creation to creativity: the transmission and transformation of Late Antique images in early Armenian literature“.



October, 15, 2021


Presentation at the Forschungskolloquium SGLP: „Psalmody as Rational Sacrifice: Resounding the Instruments of the Psalter in Early Armenian Commentaries“.


November 10, 2021, 18:00


Presentation at the althistorisches Forschungskolloquium zur aktuellen Forschung: From Creation to Creativity: The Transmission and Transformation of Music Symbolism in early Armenian Literature (PDF, 85 KB).


November 27,  2021, 9:30–17


International Workshop on Armenian Studies: Parabiblical Tradition and Spirituality in Early Armenian Literature



List of Publications (PDF, 356 KB)

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Dr. Arusyak Tamrazyan

Visiting Research Fellow ZAZH

Theologisches Seminar

Kirchgasse 9

8001 Zürich

Büro E 17

Photo of Arusyak Tamrazyan with quote

Interview with Dr. Arusyak Tamrazyan

We asked Arusyak Tamrazyan about herself, her research and her stay in Zurich. Here you can read her answers.